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Weather Station (Click on the link below)

High Point Monument (1803' elevation weather station)

My sitski buddy John testing out his new rig

Night skiing 15 March, 2023

Ski Center Status

We are closed today for skiing and snowshoeing.  As you can see in the photo above all the snow has melted.  Ski service and an opportunity to purchase new and used ski equipment will be available after we open back up, OR THE END OF SEASON SALE SATURDAY 14 MARCH 2024 FROM 9AM - 3PM IN THE SKI LODGE.  (Please email <> for more details.)

7:00 am Thursday, 7 March, 2024:  

Most of our grooming is done with a four wheeler with tracks and and a drag behind unit with two track setters, a scarifier to break up hard packed snow, and two blade units to push snow to the center of the drag.  When we have enough snow on the multiple ground surfaces of asphalt, gravel, wood chips, and grass we can take our large snow groomer out to till any snow surface, pack for better skating, cover sun or wind damaged trail sections etc.  Timing of grooming takes many variables into consideration like temperature, wind, sun exposure, new snow, old snow, ice, amount of traffic, freezing rain, etc.  You can refer to the two most used terms of grooming categories as "machine groomed" with a snowcat or "scooter/4-wheeler groomed". Usually 12"+ of snow is needed to do the "machine grooming" and 6"+ is needed to use the lighter "4-wheeler grooming".  Density of new powder snow verses old granular "corn" snow also comes into play.  It will be a while before we offer an app to our customers with the current GPS grooming conditions, suggested trail options, waxing recommendations, classic/skate groomed trails, temperatures, weather forecast, distance covered by snow making, etc.  For now our website is it, or visit Oslo, Norway where they have it all.  

We have overstock of new ski equipment and offer 20% off and demo ski equipment for sale at 30% off.  There is a mix of basic touring equipment with fish scale and skins in the grip zone, waxable basic touring, both classic and skate equipment for citizen racers, and miscellaneous back country gear.

Keep in mind usually your local weather may be warmer with no snow on the ground.  High Point temperatures at higher elevations are 10 F colder than i.e. New York City, and 5 F colder than the local towns.  Click on the Rutgers' weather station link above and below to see current temperatures right by the highest point in New Jersey.    

We cannot take reservations for our services in the State park.  All our services are "first come first serve" in the ski lodge. All credit cards are accepted with the transaction fee of 3.99% charged to the customer.  The parking lot closest to the lodge is for 80 cars, and parking for handicapped skiers ONLY is right outside the lodge.  You may opt to drop off before going to the overflow parking in the lot by the old ski lodge with room for an additional 160 cars. A good idea is to ski during the week, or on Wednesday nights if you dislike weekend crowds.

The operation is now based out of the new ski lodge, (Interpretive/Nature Center).  Park and walk up the driveway to the lodge for trail passes, rentals, lessons, cafeteria, resale and ski services. Operational floor space has quadrupled compared to the old ski lodge we used for the first 29 years since 1995.  Please read all signs and follow directions. Bring backpacks to enjoy snacks and drinks while on the trails.

Season passes are good from last season due to lack of snow, and we will always honor those passes if the previous season  falls short of 30 days of operation.  We were open for 46 days and 31 days two and three seasons ago on natural snow).  With new snowmaking we count on increasing our days of operation during winters to come.  We will be open for night skiing on Wednesdays again, and would be interested in working with local teams to host a night ski race. Bring your headlamp or rent one in the lodge. Ski packages with NNN or Prolink are for sale including skis, bindings, boots, and poles. Email us with interest in purchases of ski equipment:  <>. It's a mix of Whitewoods, Salomon, Fischer, Madshus, and Swix equipment.

Thank you for making High Point Cross Country Ski Center your ski destination, and feel free to share any of your favorite photos by emailing <>. Best, Hans

Weather Stations & SnoCams (Click on the links below)

High Point Monument (1803' elevation weather station)

Ski Lodge (SnoCam temporarily down waiting for new phone lines)

Ski Center Hours 

Normal Operating Hours

Monday                                    9am – 4pm

Tuesday                                   9am – 4pm

Wednesday                              9am – 8pm   Night Skiing!

Thursday                                  9am – 4pm

Friday                                       9am – 4pm

Weekends and Holidays          8am – 4p

Trail Report

Primary Surface Condition: Packed powder with some windblown spots

Trail/Loop Pick of the Day:  Cedar Swamp Trail  Open for skiing: 0 KM

Groomed: 0 KM, Track set: 15 KM, Skate groomed:  0 KM, Snowshoeing:  0 KM, Total trails open:  0% (ICE IS NOT SAFE ON LAKE MARCIA)

Snow Past 7 Days: 0"+,  Snow Base Depth: 0"+,  Off Trail Snow Depth: 0"+, New snow:  0", Tot. Season: 44"

Technical Suggestions: Stop by the ski lodge for ski service or waxing. - First day of skiing this season:  17 Dec. '22.  The Waxing Wizard from Swix can assist you with choosing the best wax: or we will give you tips and advice as the snow conditions and temperatures may change. 

 (0 of 6) Trails currently CLOSED. 

 Difficulty/Trail Status XV! Surface - Notes

🟦 Scenic View / 3 km  / Classic / Skate      X Closed for skiing. Packed powder. Best trail for skating with rolling terrain.

🟢 Cedar Swamp / 5 km / Classic                 X Closed for skiing. Packed powder. Tracks are quickly getting worn from heavy skier traffic.

🟢 Lake Marcia / 2 km / Classic / Skate.      X Closed for skiing.  ICE IS UNSAFE!

🟢 Lil' Hammer / 1 km / Classic                   X Closed for skiing. Packed powder. Some windblown spots.

Steeny Kill / 6 km / Classic            X Closed for skiing. Packed powder. ... only difficult/hard trail section is the long one way uphill at the end:)

 Monument / 8 km / Snowshoe             X Closed for snowshoeing. Panoramic views past the highest point in NJ